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About Bob:

         I was introduced to tai chi in 1986 by Dr. Jay Dunbar and studied qigong with him in 1993.  I also studied Integral Yoga becoming teacher certified in 1997, and Body-Mind Centering® becoming practitioner certified in 1990 and teacher certified in 2002.
        In 1998, while practicing qigong, I felt qi as the tangible bio-energetic experience that it is and have been continuously studying and practicing since. I have taken workshops with Bruce (Kumar) Frantzis in CA for several years and studied with Paul Pitchford and Suzanne Shaw (CA) while adding to my understanding through private work with Martin Roth and Bob Tajima in CA.  I learned the Cheng Man Ching tai chi form from Elaine Waters and Wolfe Lowenthal (in CA and MA respectively).  While in MA, I studied tai chi and qigong with Sifu Lijun, Bill Ryan, Dan Kleiman and Eric Peters.  In 2006, I certified as teacher of Qigong Healing Level 1 by the Supreme Science Qigong Center.  Currently I study with various sages of the craft.
        My teaching career began in 1990 in Massage Schools with over 10 years experience in this arena then teaching in programs of Body-Mind Centering® since 2004.  I've been teaching qigong since 2000 in CA, MA, Ottawa, and IL.  Now in NC, I offer classes and weekend workshops.
        In 2007, Maryska Bigos and I co-founded the Kinesthetic Learning Center, an organization devoted to the process of embodiment and sponsor of Body-Mind Centering® programs and courses. I am currently core faculty and the Practitioner Program Coordinator 2014-2016.

What others say about Bob:
"I broke both wrists in summer of 2011 (1 year ago). These exercises seem to be helping my wrists. Unlike many arm exercises, doing chi gung relaxes my wrists and hands and does not put any pressure on them. Arthritis is to be expected after a break but chi gung lessens the pain. Bob was very well versed in chi gung. He is very patient and does not mind repeating anything we need to see again. Excellent instructor!"
Becky P., in Hillsborough, NC

"I liked the organization, time of the class and the good facility. Bob is very personable, attentive to each student, very knowledgeable, patient, and a good listener. He gave deliberate step-by-step approach to each Brocade and warm-up exercise. Benefits include knowing how to practice the Brocades and the good feeling that follows a set of exercises."
Harry P., Retired Teacher in Durham, NC

"I liked getting more conscious of my breath- this is all new for me and my body gets more relaxed.  Bob knows alot about what he teaches and is very patient in explaining to me. He likes to teach and has a positive energy. I would like to learn more. He is an excellent teacher."
Gloria P., Preschool Spanish Teacher in Hillsborough, NC

"Beautiful use of language and imagery.  Bob's clarity and understanding of the body and energetics is outstanding and I so appreciate his skills to guide the class."
Dotty U., LMBT in Raleigh, NC

"Bob brings a depth to the qigong exercises that make it very natural for those of us with no previous experience in this discipline.  The roadmap was very clear and allowed for a fuller experience and discovery...  Bob has such a high level of honesty with himself and others that I was moved."
Alejandro D., Economist in Ottawa, Canada

"I appreciated Bob's openness to who was there, integration in his life and in his teaching, understanding of the theory at different levels, and sensitivity to participants and their level of energy."
H.L., Life Coach in Ottawa, Canada

"I appreciate Bob showing us; demonstrating and helping us experience things for ourselves, not just relying on words."
C.J. in Arcata, CA

"I really enjoyed Bob's very nice balance of teaching; good overall attention mixed with positive group leadership."
D.W. in Wilmington, NC

"Bob is a warm, compassionate teacher with a nice sense of humor and that makes it easy to learn from him."
Anna G. Artist in Arcata, CA

"I had a great time.  I really got a good idea of how important proper spine alignment is to proper body mechanics. Thank you so much!"
K.N. Reiki Master in Greenfield, MA

"The course helped me to integrate the energetic with the physical."
S.L., RN, LMT in Greenfield, MA

"The class was well organized but flexible... adapted to our group."
J.C. Rolfer Wilmington, NC

"Teaching the class was an extension of your personal qigong, your openness, vulnerability, and no pretense.  I liked your humility and deep knowledge of qigong and how you have attained that from practice and inner exploration and from your tuned knowledge of anatomy."
B.B. MT, Counselor in Raleigh, NC

"Bob is what we look for in a teacher: likeable and genuine, sincere yet with a ready humor – clearly a devoted practitioner with his own discipline, generous with his knowledge: all of which make him an excellent guide for others on the Way.”
Jay Dunbar Ph.D., Director, The Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School in Chapel Hill, NC

Bob Lehnberg

Somatic Movement Education