Thank you for visiting. Here you will find informational articles, videos and experiential classes based on somatic exploration of the relationship of body and mind; consciousness and form. I work in four primary areas.

Somatic Education for Manual Practitioners: Learn different touch qualities and presence for each body system and body rhythm by incorporating principles of Body-Mind Centering┬« and qigong into your practice. Embody new tools and assist your clients to grow more fully into themselves. All courses are approved for NCBTMB CEUs.

Qigong is a practice of life-energy cultivation. Though having learned many forms and styles of qigong, I focus my practice and teaching on principles of breathing, pulsing (opening and closing), spiraling (engaging the fascial system) and clearing energy pathways .

Embodied Kinesiology or Functional Anatomy is a study I offer in an on-line format. You will gain an understanding of biomechanics and the relationships of our musculoskeletal system to itself, gravity and resistance in various pedestrian activities and developmental patterns. Understanding human movement on an experiential level will help you be a more effective massage therapist, bodyworker, personal trainer or somatic movement practitioner. This course is approved for students in the Practitioner Program of  Body-Mind Centering┬«.

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Somatic Movement Education is the experiential study of the body systems, movement development and perceptual development of our body-mind. Classes and Individual Sessions are ongoing in various locations in the Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh areas of North Carolina.

I am an Approved Continuing Education Provider by NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) #1372. Attend a 2-hour introduction to Body-Mind Centering┬« Somatic Movement Education or attend full day immersions for deeper study into touch and presence for each of the body systems and body rhythms. See course descriptions here.

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Somatic Movement Education

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